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a guy gets jailed for 3 years after being falsely accused of robbery. one day he gets a visit from his sister with bad news, so he gets a plan to escape early. his sister sends a ninja to help him escape then they go meet with his sister, where they go to a hotel to bunk out and sleep. he gets himself enrolled to highschool since he missed his first years, then he meets a girl unknowing that she was a yandere and he just became her senpai. will he fall in love? or die instead?who knows?

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Yandere Highschool is a comedy/drama that could maybe affect others moods towards a character. so far, we only have 2 characters in the series: Rico and his sister Sally. Later i plan to add more people in the series, but for right now, i'll have to deal with 2. if you want to join my crew, i'll post a video later on. but keep your eyes out for it.

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